Engine is fixed!!!

IMG_20181016_103115David here.

This old wooden boat has had its fair share of problems; it seems every time we do anything we have had some sort of engine failure. Me and Simen have finally got it running all day though. We replace the diesel filters and get air in the lines, which, for those who are new to diesel engines, is a huge problem. We try just about everything and it still won’t start. We go to the car mechanic in town and he tells us just use the pump to feed the lines… Every engine has a pump he says. Simen and I pull up the floors yet again and start to scrutinize every part of the engine. Every engine but ours has a pump it turns out. We take apart a spray bottle and press the plastic tube into the diesel lines and try and draw the diesel through… All we get is a mouthful of diesel. This is the final problem and we can keep running from the coming winter up here in Scandinavia. To two blokes with weeks full of bloody knuckles and oil covered hands we cant wait to just get this thing started. Finally, we find a shop with a hand pump. The engine starts right up and was drowned out by our screams of victory. Weeks ago we weren’t mechanics; now we know this boat through and through.

The pirates for peace are on the seas again.

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