A second view




Spent the evening last night in a natural harbor here in Sweden. We had been through some pretty rough seas, about 2 meter waves, and in this little boat that’s enough to get tired quickly, but true to form the excitement keeps coming. This morning we wake up to dead batteries and a sinking ship. Our first rescue arrives. It isn’t long after the engine gives out in heavy wind and current. We drop anchor catch an underwater power line and barely miss a reef.

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday” Jack calls out over the vhf. We can see the rescue boat across the waterway. Anchored up… but they can’t see us. We call in coordinates, we describe the landmarks all the while watching the waves crash against the rocks 10 meters from the boat.

They finally come around and crash into our boat.

Rescued safe in harbor hours later after a pizza and the diesel stove catches on fire with intermittent explosions…

We’re down a fire extinguisher, lost an anchor, and need to fix an engine, but there is no place I’d rather be. Our team that came together in a piano bar on The Galaxy cruiseliner a few days ago is quickly becoming a brotherhood.

In closing as my crewmate Simen always says…


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