David here, The boat we launched out in has come to a grinding halt. Water had gotten in the transmission, and has been slowly destroying the gears. We’ve been stuck in Fyrsudden now for the weekend enjoying the calm and getting to know some locals. Jack one of the Captains on board the Harry Luella […]

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Engine is fixed!!!

David here. This old wooden boat has had its fair share of problems; it seems every time we do anything we have had some sort of engine failure. Me and Simen have finally got it running all day though. We replace the diesel filters and get air in the lines, which, for those who are […]

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  Harbouring in Oxelösund… WE FINALLY LEFT STOCKHOLM     Had a great day with only minor problems. Reached Oxelösund only 30 minutes later then we counted with this morning.      

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We finally got to Nynäshamn and been here a few days. Off course with some minor troubles. I spent some days doing business and left for Nynäshamn a few days earlier. Felt great to be back onboard and I got a wonderful welcome back from rest of the crew. We went to bed really late […]

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More problems

  Well stucked between Dalarö and Nynäshamn with no motor trying to sail back to Dalarö for some mechanicwork before we continue.       David paddeling toward port. No wind and no working motor.. We got back to Dalarö

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